Female Results 2016*

Crazylegs Classic 2016 First Place Female Finisher Jessa Hackman
Place Overall Name No. City State Division Time
1 41 JESSA HACKMAN 2914 MADISON WI F2024 00:29:12
2 68 HOLLY NEARMAN 8040 MILWAUKEE WI F3034 00:30:10
3 97 ANGELA KUJAK 3029 F4044 00:31:13

Male Results 2016*

Crazylegs Classic 2016 First Place Male Finisher Patrick Jenkins
Place Overall Name No. City State Division Time
1 1 PATRICK JENKINS 7351 WATERLOO WI M2024 00:24:31
2 2 MATT BARRETT 4795 VERONA WI M2529 00:24:45
3 3 BRIAN FINNEL 5037 VERONA WI M2529 00:24:59

All Results*

#NameDivisionDiv PlaceSex PlaceNet TimePace TimeGun TimeAge/SexCity, StateYear
 8359 items in 836 pages
7351JENKINS, PATRICK M20241/4821/440500:24:3100:04:5600:24:3124/MWATERLOO, WI2016
4795BARRETT, MATT M25291/7822/440500:24:4500:04:5900:24:4529/MVERONA, WI2016
5037FINNEL, BRIAN M25292/7823/440500:24:5900:05:0200:24:5928/MVERONA, WI2016
9188ZELLMER, TIM M20242/4824/440500:25:1700:05:0600:25:1823/MPEWAUKEE, WI2016
1980BAUER, AUSTIN M20243/4825/440500:25:2400:05:0700:25:2523/M 2016
7235HOERGER, JACOB M20244/4826/440500:25:3900:05:1000:25:3923/MCHAPEL HILL, NC2016
6174BECK, ANDY M25293/7827/440500:25:4600:05:1100:25:4725/MANN ARBOR, MI2016
7416KANN, BRENT M25294/7828/440500:26:0700:05:1600:26:3929/MEAU CLAIRE, WI2016
8726SOUDER, DYLAN M20245/4829/440500:26:2200:05:1900:26:5423/MMADISON, WI2016
7763MARSCHALEK, JIM M35391/54310/440500:26:3600:05:2200:26:3739/MHARTLAND, WI2016

*All Race results should be considered preliminary until the final results are compiled by our Timing Company and Race Officials. Final Race results are typically posted within one to two business weeks after the race ends. All results posted are subject to change and review.

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