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Crazylegs World is back, so let’s get crazy!

From Hermosa Beach to France
From New York City to Italy
From Boston to Ireland

Can’t make it to Madison, WI for the 34th Annual Crazylegs Classic on Saturday, April 25, 2015? No problem … the fifth annual Crazylegs World event will follow you wherever in the world you want to bring it!

The race that brings alumni, families, and friends together is once again under way!  Crazylegs World has everything you need to feel like you’re running right alongside the rest of Badger Nation.  So start planning next year's event now!

Crazylegs World lets you:

• Hold your own Crazylegs race wherever you live, and whenever it’s most convenient.
• Map out and run the entire Crazylegs course (8K run or 2K walk) … or jog around the block if that’s what you want to do.
• Proudly wear your official Crazylegs T-shirt and bib.
• Enjoy a classic, fun-filled time with fellow Badgers in your area.

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Post to your family and friends about an event or join in one of the iconic Crazylegs World events already set up in your area!  We'll handle the rest by supplying you with an official Crazylegs T-shirt and race bib. The price to participate in Crazylegs World is $25.00.

Once you have a Crazylegs World event all set up, send us the link and we will get it up on the website for others to join in on the fun!  If you have questions about setting up a race in your city, please contact Derek Hildebrandt at [email protected], or feel free to call us at (608) 261-LEGS (5437)!

However, for individual Crazylegs World participants (run your own race in another location) or do not have a "formal" team set up, the Crazylegs World registration site will be up and running in January 2015!

It's a Crazylegs with it!  Proudly sponsored by the UW Athletics and the National W Club.

Below are some of the 2015 Crazylegs World events taking place! Click on your "World" event for race information!

Join the Los Angeles Badgers!

Click here for more information.

Join the Twin Cities Badgers!
click here for more information.
Join the Boston Badgers!
Click here for more information.
Join the Big Apple Badgers!
Click here for more information.

Join the DC Badgers!
click here for more information.

Join the Valley of the Sun Badgers!

Click here for more information.

Join the Bay Area Badgers!
Click here for more information.

Join the Portland Area Badgers!
More information is coming soon.















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