1. Staging at State Street Wrapping Around West Mifflin Street
  2. Start on State Street
  3. Right on North Park Street
  4. Left on Observatory Drive
  5. Right on Walnut Street to Willow Drive (Stay in East Lane)
  6. Right on University Bay Drive (North Lane)
  7. Turnaround Near The Howard Temin Lakeshore Path
  8. Return on University Bay Drive (South Lane)
  9. Left on Marsh Drive by Pharmacy Building
  10. Right on Walnut Street
  11. Continue on Walnut Street in Front of UW Track (West Lane)
  12. Left on University Avenue
  13. Right on Breese Terrace
  14. Left into Lot 19
  15. Finish at Camp Randall Stadium


  1. Staging on State Street, Walkers Back-Up Towards Mifflin Street Behind Runners
  2. Start at The corners of State and West Dayton Street
  3. Continue Down State Street
  4. Through Library Mall
  5. Left on Park Street
  6. Right on Lathrop Drive
  7. Between Sterling and Chamberlin Halls
  8. Left on Charter Street
  9. Right on Dayton Street
  10. Continue Through the Arches
  11. Continue Between Lot 17 and Student Athlete Performance Center
  12. Left on Breese Terrace
  13. Left Into Lot 19
  14. Finish at Camp Randall Stadium

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